Spring Forward in Belief

It is spring in Australia. I love spring. Having lived in Europe, I can say that spring feels the same no matter where you are. There is inviting midday sunshine so dear to my skin, and there are odorous flower breezes at dusk, which simply beg to be followed to their source. And just like […] Continue reading

Branded Belief

On Friday I found myself standing in a queue at a newly opened Ladurée shop in Sydney. For the uninitiated, and I was definitely among them just minutes before joining the queue, Ladurée is a posh patisserie brand based in Paris, France. Frankly, I couldn’t care less for the reportedly divine macarons I was lining […] Continue reading

Kick the Refresh Habit

About eight months ago I stopped watching TV. Just like that. No more. Why? Simply because I realised that I was addicted to all the news and entertainment which were supposed to make me informed and keep me happy and relaxed. Instead the news made me upset and the entertainment made me more addicted. I […] Continue reading

On Feeling Well

What makes us feel good or bad? Who decides our good or bad moods? It is habitual and practical to say ‘other people’, ‘circumstances’, ‘fate’ or ‘luck’. But could it be that for the most part it is us who create our own moods? Could it be that feeling good instead of feeling bad is […] Continue reading