A Recipe for the Life You Want

What’s cooking? I love the sound of that question.  Today I’m offering you a bit of raw belief and crumbed thoughts with a touch of my personal experience. Thanks to my new Vitamix blender, I’ve done more blending, rather than cooking over the last few months.  Smoothies, shakes, even soups,  you name it.  And in […] Continue reading

Remember the Good Stuff

As I was driving to meet my friend it began to rain heavily.  “Just my luck,” I thought.  My mind pictured me getting drenched without an umbrella.  “Catching a cold again, oh no.”  I drove around the block in circles looking for an unmetered parking spot.  But the only space I could find was in […] Continue reading

14000 Days

On most days, I count my blessings.  Today, I’m counting my days.  The days of my life.  When was the last time you added up yours?  How many days have you been?  And how many days may lie ahead?  Converting my years into my days brought home that there’s more than one unit of measure […] Continue reading

Walls Can’t Talk

I went on a tour of a grand old building once.  We were told many notable events had taken place there in the past.  And as if to remind us, the visitors, of the importance of those who once inhabited this masterpiece of architecture, their paintings were on the walls everywhere around us.  Sure I […] Continue reading

No lax belief at LAX

I am relaxing at Los Angeles Airport, waiting for a connecting flight to Phoenix, Arizona on my way to Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success seminar. On the flight from Sydney I devoured about a third of Eckhart Tolle’s intriguing book titled A New Earth. Although tired from the flight, my mind is abuzz with realisations […] Continue reading

Amazing Confluence of Beliefs

This morning I had a wonderful realisation; a moment of clarity which arises from what we sometimes refer to as coincidence. It’s when things happen exactly when you need and ask for them. This realisation helped me cast off my fears and doubts about a business venture I had been considering joining. It made me […] Continue reading