Mystery Shopper

Elle works as a checkout person at a supermarket in Sydney. From the moment you approach her register you are greeted by her broad beam and an attitude that exudes positivity. Elle excels at what her job’s purpose is all about, helping customers pay for their shopping in a friendly and efficent manner. Elle told […] Continue reading

You Should Know Better

It’s never too late to change our minds and think differently. Sometimes we may consider it impossible, sometimes we don’t even consider it, but we can bring about anything we want in our lives. We are but products of our thoughts, words and actions. If we want to change ourselves and what is happening to […] Continue reading

Cold, Isn’t It?

A lady in front of me buying her train ticket yesterday morning says to the ticket man, “Cold, isn’t it?” He mumbles something in response, takes her money, gives her a ticket and off she goes. It is my turn. Gosh, it is cold. I decide on the spot that I want to be more […] Continue reading

Amazing Confluence of Beliefs

This morning I had a wonderful realisation; a moment of clarity which arises from what we sometimes refer to as coincidence. It’s when things happen exactly when you need and ask for them. This realisation helped me cast off my fears and doubts about a business venture I had been considering joining. It made me […] Continue reading