Are We Here Yet?

Children grow up and they eventually stop asking, “Are we there yet?”  They plug themselves into their smartphones and video games, chat with their friends, close doors to their rooms, and generally tune out.  Just like us. Even on long drives like the one from Sydney to the Snowy Mountains here in Australia, the challenge […] Continue reading

Live against the Flow

I left work earlier than usual. Being on the train homebound in the early afternoon felt like a holiday. Thrilling, free, and almost naughty. It seemed as if I were in a different time zone. And perhaps I was. I liked the smiles on people’s faces and their casual chatter. No one looked like a […] Continue reading

Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

How many times have you had someone share with you some difficulty they were going through only to finish it off by saying, “But I’ll survive”.  While surviving is great, wouldn’t it be wonderful to thrive in life?  Sounds good on paper, but how many of us go through this survival before we say, “Enough […] Continue reading