I’m staring through the window as my train is departing. A man is running after us on platform. I can see his face grimacing into a pure expression of anger and disappointment. It’s now turning into disgust, and clearly his mouth is hurling abuse at the train, the train guard, the heavens above and everything […] Continue reading

Live against the Flow

I left work earlier than usual. Being on the train homebound in the early afternoon felt like a holiday. Thrilling, free, and almost naughty. It seemed as if I were in a different time zone. And perhaps I was. I liked the smiles on people’s faces and their casual chatter. No one looked like a […] Continue reading

Positive Vetting

When we are in the company of people with whom we have rapport and share common interests we feel we belong. Belonging is one of primordial human needs which has evolved from the basic principles of survival. Defending against life-threatening dangers was our ancestors’ foremost task. A collective offered more safety than an individual could muster […] Continue reading