What’s Wrong with “What’s Wrong?”

“Hi Mike.” “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. Just saying hi.” “Ah, okay.” *** “Hey Suzie. How are you?” “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. How’s life?” “Everything’s great. You?” *** “Hi!” “What’s wrong?” *** Of course, something can be wrong one day. If someone calls you in the middle of the night screaming on the phone, “Help!” you definitely wouldn’t […] Continue reading

Happy Birthday and Change of Name

Happy 3rd birthday to The Belief Blog, and welcome to the world to Belief Blog! To you, dear reader, fellow blogger and fellow believer, I say thank you with all my heart for your support and generosity over the last three years. Thank you for sharing your opinions and giving selflessly your time to reading […] Continue reading

Leap into learning

Arguably, never before in human history did we have access to so much knowledge and information. Never before could anyone decide to learn and have a fair go at success, regardless of their financial standing. While affordability will always play a part when it comes to choices we can make about getting a formal education, […] Continue reading

Strength to Carry On

When your ability to carry on lacks resolve, please turn around and look at the steely pot on the stove of your mental strength which simmers on even when you’re in the midst of a chilling storm.  

Where Are You Heading?

You cannot always tell where you are heading just by looking at the direction of the road you are on. You can always tell where you are by looking at what you have learnt from the detours you have taken so far.

What’s Your Netherby?

There’s an old people’s home near where I used to live many years ago. Its name Netherby, wrongly or rightly, reminded me of the nether regions of hell, and life well beyond our prime. Netherby is what used to come to my mind when I’d think of aged care.  I’d drive past it after long […] Continue reading