On Beliefs and Behaviours

Jerry and Esther Hicks say, “A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought or a thought you continue to think.”  Therefore, our habits are nothing more than actions we continue to do.  Just as being conscious of and choosing wisely the thoughts we think will influence our beliefs, being aware and choosing carefully […] Continue reading

Be Who You Are: Sharing Belief

Have you ever held back sharing your beliefs for fear that you would be less loved, ridiculed or appreciated if you did? I used to be afraid that people at work might think I’m crazy if they knew I’m into spirituality and meditation. It may seem outright ridiculous that anyone should even think of fearing […] Continue reading

Belief of Appreciation

Today is my birthday. As well-wishing messages of love from people that know me are pouring in, my spirit is lifted. I am reminded of the power of appreciation. I feel love. I believe I am loved. I love. At times it’s hard to let others see us as we really are. Rational or irrational, […] Continue reading