Leap into learning

Arguably, never before in human history did we have access to so much knowledge and information. Never before could anyone decide to learn and have a fair go at success, regardless of their financial standing. While affordability will always play a part when it comes to choices we can make about getting a formal education, […] Continue reading

What’s Your Netherby?

There’s an old people’s home near where I used to live many years ago. Its name Netherby, wrongly or rightly, reminded me of the nether regions of hell, and life well beyond our prime. Netherby is what used to come to my mind when I’d think of aged care.  I’d drive past it after long […] Continue reading


I’m staring through the window as my train is departing. A man is running after us on platform. I can see his face grimacing into a pure expression of anger and disappointment. It’s now turning into disgust, and clearly his mouth is hurling abuse at the train, the train guard, the heavens above and everything […] Continue reading

Amazing Confluence of Beliefs

This morning I had a wonderful realisation; a moment of clarity which arises from what we sometimes refer to as coincidence. It’s when things happen exactly when you need and ask for them. This realisation helped me cast off my fears and doubts about a business venture I had been considering joining. It made me […] Continue reading