Set Yourself to Tourist Mode

Excitement.  Relaxation.  Freedom.  Joy.  Adventure.  When holidays come to mind memories rule.  They can take us any place we’ve ever been in seconds and have us re-live our experiences.   In a Walter Mittyesque kind of way we can daydream about holidays past and future.  Travel operators thrive on our imagination.  Travel website implies this […] Continue reading

Trust Your Heart

My good friend Leah just broke up with her marrying-material still-in-love boyfriend of many years. She took unpaid leave from a safe and well paying job, and will soon be leaving for a year (at least that’s the plan for now) to volunteer somewhere in Africa, work for the UN, or do that thing they […] Continue reading


I’m staring through the window as my train is departing. A man is running after us on platform. I can see his face grimacing into a pure expression of anger and disappointment. It’s now turning into disgust, and clearly his mouth is hurling abuse at the train, the train guard, the heavens above and everything […] Continue reading

Positive Vetting

When we are in the company of people with whom we have rapport and share common interests we feel we belong. Belonging is one of primordial human needs which has evolved from the basic principles of survival. Defending against life-threatening dangers was our ancestors’ foremost task. A collective offered more safety than an individual could muster […] Continue reading

Amazing Confluence of Beliefs

This morning I had a wonderful realisation; a moment of clarity which arises from what we sometimes refer to as coincidence. It’s when things happen exactly when you need and ask for them. This realisation helped me cast off my fears and doubts about a business venture I had been considering joining. It made me […] Continue reading

Duality of Belief

I’m sitting on a park bench on a beautiful autumn day. It’s my lunch break. I am taking deep breaths of the air that is filled with a sweet aroma of freedom from obligation. A woman with a bright pink hair walks by. A little girl stares at her, bewildered. Her mum drags her away. […] Continue reading