Liebster Blog Award


Thank you Gina Drellack from the wonderful A Wisdom Within for your kind nomination of The Belief Blog for this peer award!  I appreciate your support very much. Your blog has been a source of inspiration for me.

For information on The Liebster Award, click on the medallion above.

5 Random Things About Me:

1  I believe in the power of belief.

2  My life purpose is to empower and inspire millions to believe in themselves and create lives their desire.

3  I am writing a book based on my quest for personal development, which offers simple steps anyone can apply to achieve their full potential in all areas of their life.

4  I call Australia home.

5  My favorite pastimes are bushwalking and tramping.

Gina’s 5 Questions:

1. Create three sentences using this format: “I used to…now I…”

I used to dream, now I’m setting goals.

I used to seek approval, now I know I can.

I used to hope, now I believe.

2. Who in your circle of family and friends are you most similar to, and why?

My father, because we’ve always looked beyond the clouds.

3. If you had a surprise day off from your regular life, what would you do today?

I would give free hugs on the street.

4. Pick an archetype that has lately been speaking to you; introduce who it is and share their message.

It would be Storyteller from the Creative Family. My message is actualizing my life purpose of spreading belief in oneself for the benefit of all humanity.

5. What is your favorite routine maintenance task or chore?  Your least favorite?

I prefer vacuuming over dusting, but my heart is grateful when I treat it to both!

liebster blog 3

My Nominees:

Truly Blessed

Thirty Something and Starting Over

Diamonds & Diapers Blog

Growing Pains

A Road Less Taken

My 5 Questions:

1. What book would you single out as having had the most profound influence on your life?

2. What inspires you to blog?

3. If all the finances you need were yours today, what would you do next week?

4. Create three sentences using this format: “I used to…now I…”

5. What are you passionate about?

For those with blogs chosen for the award– copy and paste the award in your blog. Tell who nominated you with a link to my blog. Share five random things about yourself and then answer my questions. When that is all done, nominate five bloggers that you follow and send them the rules, creating five new questions for them to answer along with their random things.  Have fun!



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