Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

How many times have you had someone share with you some difficulty they were going through only to finish it off by saying, “But I’ll survive”.  While surviving is great, wouldn’t it be wonderful to thrive in life?  Sounds good on paper, but how many of us go through this survival before we say, “Enough […] Continue reading

Keywords to Happiness

If we suppose that our questions are our dreams, wishes and goals in life, then answers to them are fulfilment or failures in response to those questions. Similar to querying an Internet search engine, our quest for happiness is based on at least two things: our attitude to what we’re searching for and the key […] Continue reading

Train of Thought

I’m in carriage 4106. Sunny Tuesday morning. I am relaxed with my headphones blocking out most of the outside sounds. Two ladies in the seat in front of me have not stopped talking since I boarded the train. They speak a foreign language, fast, passionate, South American. The lady in black coat crosses herself every […] Continue reading