Set Yourself to Tourist Mode

Excitement.  Relaxation.  Freedom.  Joy.  Adventure.  When holidays come to mind memories rule.  They can take us any place we’ve ever been in seconds and have us re-live our experiences.   In a Walter Mittyesque kind of way we can daydream about holidays past and future.  Travel operators thrive on our imagination.  Travel website implies this […] Continue reading

Belief of Appreciation

Today is my birthday. As well-wishing messages of love from people that know me are pouring in, my spirit is lifted. I am reminded of the power of appreciation. I feel love. I believe I am loved. I love. At times it’s hard to let others see us as we really are. Rational or irrational, […] Continue reading

Duality of Belief

I’m sitting on a park bench on a beautiful autumn day. It’s my lunch break. I am taking deep breaths of the air that is filled with a sweet aroma of freedom from obligation. A woman with a bright pink hair walks by. A little girl stares at her, bewildered. Her mum drags her away. […] Continue reading