Knowing Where I Was

Knowing where I was, I’m happy where I am, and I’m even happier knowing where I’m growing to be. Knowing who I was, I’m happy who I am, and I’m even happier knowing who I’m growing to be.

Unjam Your Abundance

When you have more than you can cope with, you get a jam. This is true for roads, and true for life in general. It’s not what you make of the time spent in a jam, it’s what you make of the abundance that got you into it in the first place. Yes, abundance. There […] Continue reading

Keywords to Happiness

If we suppose that our questions are our dreams, wishes and goals in life, then answers to them are fulfilment or failures in response to those questions. Similar to querying an Internet search engine, our quest for happiness is based on at least two things: our attitude to what we’re searching for and the key […] Continue reading