Complimentary Beliefs

“I love your dress.” “I think you lost some weight.” “You’ve done an amazing job.” “You look great today!” “You are the best friend I’ve ever had.” “I thought you’re at least 10 years younger.” Do you believe compliments people give you or you are prone to say something like “Shucks, that’s so nice of […] Continue reading

Positive Vetting

When we are in the company of people with whom we have rapport and share common interests we feel we belong. Belonging is one of primordial human needs which has evolved from the basic principles of survival. Defending against life-threatening dangers was our ancestors’ foremost task. A collective offered more safety than an individual could muster […] Continue reading

On Feeling Well

What makes us feel good or bad? Who decides our good or bad moods? It is habitual and practical to say ‘other people’, ‘circumstances’, ‘fate’ or ‘luck’. But could it be that for the most part it is us who create our own moods? Could it be that feeling good instead of feeling bad is […] Continue reading