Set Yourself to Tourist Mode

Excitement.  Relaxation.  Freedom.  Joy.  Adventure.  When holidays come to mind memories rule.  They can take us any place we’ve ever been in seconds and have us re-live our experiences.   In a Walter Mittyesque kind of way we can daydream about holidays past and future.  Travel operators thrive on our imagination.  Travel website implies this […] Continue reading

Arizona Believing

Jack Canfield’s annual week-long seminar Breakthrough to Success (BTS) happening from 12 to 18 August this year in Scottsdale, Arizona will be the last one ever. Jack has decided to retire this format of training which in his words has been his favourite week of the year. After guiding more than 5000 people towards breakthrough […] Continue reading

No lax belief at LAX

I am relaxing at Los Angeles Airport, waiting for a connecting flight to Phoenix, Arizona on my way to Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success seminar. On the flight from Sydney I devoured about a third of Eckhart Tolle’s intriguing book titled A New Earth. Although tired from the flight, my mind is abuzz with realisations […] Continue reading