On Beliefs and Behaviours

Jerry and Esther Hicks say, “A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought or a thought you continue to think.” 
Therefore, our habits are nothing more than actions we continue to do.  Just as being conscious of and choosing wisely the thoughts we think will influence our beliefs, being aware and choosing carefully which actions we repeat will influence our habits and behaviours. We can choose what we think and how we think, just as we can choose what we do and how we do it.  What happens in our lives is really our choice.  Our ‘destiny’ is ours to write.


  1. And more than just this, language does colour thought so choosing the right words to describe something can make an impact. Consider the following example:

    I shall do this task today.
    This task shall be done today.

    In the first case, you’re owning the task and personalising it. In the second, it could be anyone who’s going to work on it and you’re more distant from the ultimate goal of completing it.

    • Very true! I appreciate your sharing. Language is the reflection of our beliefs. Hope you’re enjoying your journey. 🙂


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