Amazing Confluence of Beliefs

This morning I had a wonderful realisation; a moment of clarity which arises from what we sometimes refer to as coincidence. It’s when things happen exactly when you need and ask for them. This realisation helped me cast off my fears and doubts about a business venture I had been considering joining. It made me decide to take a course of action firmly believing that it was the right action for me. I felt as if I was pushed against a powerful confluence of my beliefs, wishes and fears, and the message I got from it was a 100% go-for-it YES.

This business venture I had been mulling over, if I accepted joining it, would require me to commit all of my energy and time. Or to be more precise, all of my energy and time not already used up by my family and my day job. But the business also promised a real opportunity for me to do what I’ve always wanted to do as a career and to learn how to monetize it.

In hindsight, my fears about the business were unfounded, as all fears usually turn out to be. But they appeared very real to me at the time. I doubted whether the business was genuine or a scam. My mind had all sorts of hypotheses about what could go wrong with this business if I were to get involved.

When faced with uncertainty or doubts we usually search for answers that would address those uncertainties and doubts. Most of us these days Google for answers. And whatever we Google, the chances are we are already pre-disposing the responses we will get. Because in the way we search lies the key to the results we’ll get. The same goes for the way we think. If we have worries, we will “Google” our brain for more worries. We will search for more reasons why the problem we have is a problem. We will use key words reflecting our state of mind. Instead of using key words reflecting our desired state of mind and the outcomes we want, most of us will search by what we ultimately do not want, and as it always happens, we will receive what we asked for. We will get more of what we have. Whether it is five million results on Google or five extra negative aspects of the problem in our mind, we will get what we are searching for.

This morning I got what I had been searching for. The answer to my dilemma came in the form of an email from Jack Canfield, co-creator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul books and the Success Principles: How to Get from where You Are to where You Want to Be. I do not know Jack personally. The email he sent me had probably gone out to everyone on his mailing list as a marketing exercise. But that didn’t matter. More important was what was in that email.

As soon as I began reading the email, I knew it was more than coincidence. I read the email again and again and again and again. There was no mistake about it, the very first sentence was, word for word, exactly the same as the slogan of the business venture I had been contemplating joining. I stood there, shocked and bewildered, as I was reading the phrase over and over in my mind. I knew what this meant. But I simply would not accept it at first. After a while, I caught myself smiling. And I felt joy, immense joy, almost childish joy. I knew what this meant. I knew that I was doing the right thing. I knew I was at the confluence of my beliefs, wishes and fears. And it pointed me in the direction I wanted to go in the first place.

How many times we don’t get a “sign” and we abandon our preferred direction? How many times the right kind of thought or mood don’t inhabit our mind and we leave ourselves at the mercy of doubts and fears?

If anything is certain in our lives, it is the power we have in this moment we call present. Follow your intuition now and always trust it. If at times it proves to be wrong, accept it is a lesson you needed to learn. Always ask what good you can derive from the situation you are in. Always question your thoughts that might be telling you that the situation you think you are in is bad for you. Nothing is forever, the least so are our worries and negative feelings. Lean into the confluence of your beliefs and follow its stream. Believe that it will carry you where you want to be. And it will.

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