Keywords to Happiness

If we suppose that our questions are our dreams, wishes and goals in life, then answers to them are fulfilment or failures in response to those questions.

Similar to querying an Internet search engine, our quest for happiness is based on at least two things: our attitude to what we’re searching for and the key words by which we are searching. In fact, the way in which we search predisposes the answers we are getting. Most people feel that the answers they have been getting are tipping the scales towards dissatisfaction rather than happiness. This is because very few people take full responsibility for their lives. We shoot off our questions like arrows and expect others or world to deliver. We ask for money, health, relationships, stress free days, holidays, fulfilment and happiness, but we do not plan and think about what and how we’re asking for. Most of us repeat the same questions in the same way, although the answers we got previously were not what we wanted. Perseverance is not the word here. It is perspiration. But not perspiration in dogged obstinacy, but perspiration in hard work spent on learning how to adapt and clarify our asking and learn from our mistakes.

By changing our focus from external circumstances and other people to what we are doing, by looking at the quality of our questions and the way we are asking them, and by imbuing our minds with thoughts of positive expectations, we can find true and lasting happiness in life.  And happiness has to be on everyone’s asking list. Happiness is a good starting point to any questionnaire of life. If life is a series of experiences, a learning process, then every experience and answer we receive should help us ask better questions, questions that deliver us from fear of asking and questions that deliver the answers we want.

Start every day in gratitude for the amazing achievements we already have in our lives. Every one of us has amazing achievements already. Look closely, persevere here and you will soon start enumerating your achievements. Then choose one area of your life you want answers in and ask. Ask with the belief that you will get what you are asking for. Ask in measurable terms and be specific about what you want by what date. Ask yourself would you be able to answer your own questions and desires if they were posed to you. Would you understand your own questions? Check how you feel about your questions. Clarify and modify them. Be grateful in advance. Choose words that reflect the achievements that you desire as if they were already achieved. In this way, even a no answer will be a learning experience, even a maybe will be a result. And yeses will be well deserved victories. They will reflect the thoughts you have been thinking. They will reflect the words you have been saying. They will spell out your keywords to happiness.

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