Your Day Has Only Half Begun

How has your day been?  Have you been your day?  Or you have made your day?

No matter how long, tiring or stressful, your day has only half begun.  No matter how short, restful, or calm, your day has only half begun.  If you’ve had it good, make it great.  If you’d rather forget, look at the part that’s left.  And something’s always left.  In fact, anything that is now is yours to carve out the rest of your day from.

If you want peace, you can have it now.  Sleep?  Yes, you can.  Take it.  If you want noise, it’s yours too.  All is here, right here, right now, this day, this hour.  Look at what’s in your hands, in your day.  Don’t cut off its halves, thirds, or quarters as waste.  It’s all yours, just as you’re part of a grander plan, you too embrace in its entirety your time.

It’s not half gone, not half empty, and not half done.  It’s only half begun.  You still have time to make it.  Shape it.  There is no too late.  Too early doesn’t exist.  A headache is a minute ago, what’s next is the rest of your day.  Begin it.

Clockwatchers, you are not alone.  We have all wished away the hours of our days by hoping the clock would run faster towards the knock off time.  The time when we’ll be free to have the day we deserve.  The day we truly want.  With those who we truly want to be around.  But hear me out.  Whether it’s 4, 5, or 9 that you call it a time, don’t call it a day yet.  It’s only half begun.  Why throw it away by equating a commute home with the end of your day.  It’s only but a start.  There’s more juice in an afternoon than your habits would like you to believe.

There’s a new dawn every day.  Look up to it.  And learn from it.  Does the morning sun feel sad when the noon takes over?  Let the sun breathe life through to you, clouds and dusk notwithstanding.  Your day’s not half empty, and it’s not half finished.  You’ve only half begun.

What will you do with the rest of your beginning?


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