Happy Birthday and Change of Name

Happy 3rd birthday to The Belief Blog, and welcome to the world to Belief Blog!

To you, dear reader, fellow blogger and fellow believer, I say thank you with all my heart for your support and generosity over the last three years. Thank you for sharing your opinions and giving selflessly your time to reading this blog. Above all, thank you for believing and spreading the power of belief.

Just like the “the” we are letting go from the title of this website today, I hope that the only things you have let go of in the last three years were things you replaced with even better ones. I hope you have found more substance in your lives and strength in your beliefs about yourself, others and the goodness in the world. If you believe in God, I hope your faith is stronger than ever.

If, however, you may have let go of the good stuff, have regrets and see no way forward, please, still believe. Just like children’s clothes, as our minds and hearts grow, our beliefs will shrink, rip and stretch. We may mend them or discard them from time to time. We will certainly compare them with other people’s thinking. They will make us proud or ashamed. Eventually, we will not only need bigger beliefs, to suit our changing shapes and sizes, but we will desire after different styles to suit our changing tastes.

Whether we conform to the fashion trends of the day, or we set trends that others will follow, we can expect our beliefs to be tried. Just as New South Wales, the state where I am living in Australia, is facing testing times at the moment, we can expect situations when our faith and beliefs will be questioned. To stay or leave a flooded home? To stay or leave a bad relationship? To stay or leave a stressful job? Such questions may not only make us more experienced, but they may bring us closer to our loved ones and our communities.

At such times, instead of blind faith, we seek help and work together. We spread the word and welcome other beliefs with open minds. What is comfortable may not be the best for us forever. Changes are good. Changes are constant. With or without the “the”, beliefblog continues. And so do you.

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