To Be in the Know Is to Be in the Now


To be in the know is to be in the now…

I was speaking to my friend and accountability partner Kirk this morning about the power of meditation and being present in the moment when the above realisation popped into my head.

I’ve Googled it since and there is only one result for the exact phrase – great, my mind thought, a fellow thinker in the world!

I believe that no matter what we think, become, do, or have, our stories always unfold in most miraculous ways. What we want comes to us. Pause to be aware and present in the moment and the knowledge and realisations will pour in. Take stock of what is and what you are and you will see that what is to come has been there all the time. Things don’t happen to us, we are the happening. Every success feels natural because we are success.


  1. I believe “being” in the moment makes life real. The rest, I’m not so sure about. I’ve had things done to me and I’ve done things for (to) myself. Life is full of success and failures. Both are natural, but neither are me. They are like signposts on the road of life. Sometimes they provide useful information and sometimes they are there for others.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I thank you for your comment from the bottom of my “now”. I agree signposts on the road of life will be there sometimes for us and sometimes for others. Too often we choose to ignore them based on past experiences. Being in the moment is like shouting at the top of your voice, “I am alive!”

    • Thank you Tomas, I am joining my voice with yours in the belief that humanity is awakening. We only have to look inside ourselves and listen.

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