Belief of Appreciation

Today is my birthday. As well-wishing messages of love from people that know me are pouring in, my spirit is lifted. I am reminded of the power of appreciation. I feel love. I believe I am loved. I love.

At times it’s hard to let others see us as we really are. Rational or irrational, for fear of rejection, we pretend with different people to be different persons. For fear of loss of acceptance, we assume that our wants and qualities are strange or unworthy. Eventually, by thinking in this way, we limit ourselves from being what we truly can achieve and feel. We expend our energy on curbing the one person whom we should pull all stops out supporting: ourselves.

By allowing ourselves the freedom to be ourselves, our intuition will provide clues as to who the people are with which we can truly share our innermost beliefs and desires.

This birthday, I give myself a gift of freedom to be myself who I really am wherever I may be and the belief that I am already full of achievement and love just the way I am.

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