Duality of Belief

I’m sitting on a park bench on a beautiful autumn day. It’s my lunch break. I am taking deep breaths of the air that is filled with a sweet aroma of freedom from obligation. A woman with a bright pink hair walks by. A little girl stares at her, bewildered. Her mum drags her away. A long-haired busker sings ‘Searching for a heart of gold’ in Spanish accent. The sun is very dear to my skin. I believe I am happy. I am happy. Time stands still.

I see a mouse running between the bushes. How happy it must be, not having to live a human life of obligation and worries. I see a bird chasing the mouse. Not so great, mouse would believe, if it had thoughts; running for food all day and avoiding becoming food itself.

I like the mouse. I hope he escapes.

The little girl screams as she sees the mouse run across the footpath in front of her. A mouse running around a child’s feet must be a scary thought for them; if they believe that mice are harmful.

I am heading back to the office. The busker is giving an interview to a TV crew. The girl is hugging her mother. In my head, the music continues.

I am thankful for the freedom to choose my beliefs.


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