When Shove Comes to Push, Believe!

Smooth Sailing

Where are you right now? Are you being pushed, pulled, shoved, or maybe buffeted by storms? Perhaps you’re drifting along, with no wind in your sails, looking at your reflection in the water wondering what snag will you hit next. Or are you having the time of your life heading exactly where you’d like to be feeling as challenged and as peaceful as you’ve always dreamed of being?

If you’re sick, believe that you will get better. If you lost love, believe a greater love is coming to you. If darkness surrounds you, believe that sunshine will follow. If you haven’t got much, believe that plenty will flow to you.

And so most of us do. When push comes to shove, we believe. We pray, we beg, we change, and we do what we thought we weren’t capable of.

But here’s a thought. When you’re healthy, believe that your good health is your natural state. When you’re loved, believe that you cannot be any other way. When the sun is shining, believe that the sun shines every day on you. When you have wealth, believe that you deserve abundance. Continue to believe even when you’ve become who you wanted to become, when you have what you wanted to have, and when you have done what you wanted to do. When shove comes to push, believe! When push comes to smooth sailing, believe even more!

Our egos will come up with all manner of concoctions in defence of status quo, even when we don’t like where we are. We will delay taking action listening to others belittling our ambitions, or listening to our own limiting beliefs telling us that it all smacks of religion, new age or personal development. But what if it’s all true no matter what anyone says? Walt Whitman said, truth is simple, if it were complicated, everyone would understand it. I believe that deep down we are all truthful, and we all understand it.

I invoke God or higher being when things go wrong and yet when I choose to do so in gratitude at times of smooth sailing my mind rebels. When I seek more goodness, I fear I’m ungrateful. When I strive for more, my mind accepts others’ opinions that I should settle for less. And nothing wrong with less. But when where we are is not where we want to be, everything is wrong with status quo.

What we do with the good in our lives is what we do with the bad. We want the good, and we want what is best for us. If we’re sick, we seek help. If we’re alone, we look for companionship. In rain we expect heat, and in summer we yearn for coolness. In retrospect it all seems well. We recall the good, but subconsciously we heed the bad. We look at our good experiences and yearn for more of them. Yet we learn from our falls and burns and as a result we can fly high and sometimes we’re twice shy about new things.

The truth is we don’t need a tragedy to remember what matters. For some what matters most is health, family, prosperity, for others freedom, adventure, exploration or being different, being oneself. For most of us it’s a little bit of everything.

There is no greater ambition than to be living. To be living is to be believing. We prefer smooth sailing to adversity, but the only way we appreciate smooth sailing is through adversity. Let shoves turn to pushes and let pushes turn to calm, but don’t let up believing in the wonder that you are.


    • I appreciate your kindness and warmth you shared with me. It makes me so happy to hear you enjoyed my thoughts as much as I have enjoyed your amazing energy emanating through your writing. My next post will be dedicated to this. Keep on being an inspiration!

  1. I so love this post.. and so believe in giving thanks for all even when (nay, especially when) things are going along so swimmingly.. a constant reminder not just to ask and thank and believe when I find myself in a moment of despair or sadness. When shove comes to push, what a wonderful way to put it… Thanks very much for visiting my blog too πŸ˜‰

    • I appreciate your love and your heartfelt thanks giving, please continue to shine yourself onto this world through your words and your thinking. Love to you!

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