Hello and welcome.  This blog is about the power of belief.  Belief as in mind over matter.  Belief as in faith over atheism.  Belief as in miracle over science.

Here’s a little bit about myself and why I have decided to start this blog…

I live in Sydney, Australia. I write, speak and present seminars about the power of belief and developing our potential through finding what motivates us to pursue our dreams and success in life. While there are probably as many definitions of success as there are people on Earth, most people will agree that a healthy mind and a healthy body are good starting points.

While there are moments and days when my faith may seem tested, overall I am happy and thankful for everything I have experienced in my life. Above all, I am grateful for having the belief in belief. It’s the small things we sweat the most, but the small things can bring the most joy too. When I feel tested, I believe that God will give me the strength to serve Him well or let me fail in His service for a purpose known to Him. When I feel doubtful, I believe that people’s goodness will shine through and work things out. Where fear overtakes me, belief helps me dissolve it. Like everyone else on this planet, I have dreams of what I want to be, have and do while I am still around in this body. Like most of us, I want to make a difference and be of service to others. So, why am I writing about the power of belief? And why now?

Belief certainly has not been a foreign concept to me. I have known all my life what believing is. I knew people believed in God. I knew people believed in other people. I knew people believed in all sorts of things. And I knew there is something within or without mankind’s grasp of our reality, which could be termed as supernatural. I grew up without a religion as it were. In my youth I didn’t have scripture classes and I missed out on the related social contexts which would probably have given me theoretical and practical foundations against which to compare my realisations about belief and believing.

Only recently I realised that I have been a believer all my life. Not just a believer at times when I faced difficulty. I believed and followed certain practices related to those beliefs, known only to me and my mind, for as long as I can remember. In fact, I am convinced that everything I have done in my whole life, everything I am proud of and everything I would class as an achievement, has come about as a result of my believing.

Nothing new, one might add. Everyone thinks, therefore forms opinions and beliefs, and then acts on those beliefs. The more one wants something, the more effort they will expend in achieving it.  I agree. However, I am not talking about mere thoughts, thinking processes or inspiring ideas alone. I’m not even talking about religion, the power of the prayer. I am focusing on the act of believing. I believe there is nothing more powerful an individual can muster to their aid in whatever situation they may be than the power of belief. The will power of the mind is enough a force to enact in reality anything one can envisage.

So, what did I believe in?

As a child, I would say some prayers in my head, or take a particular route on the way to school, believing this would guarantee I would do well in an exam.  I always and invariably did do well.  When I thought my family members were not well, I would pray for them, while picturing them to be healthy in my mind.  And they were.  When there were things I wanted, I would focus on them until I could imagine them so clearly in my mind that this imaginative interaction with the object of my desire was more enjoyable than the actual thing when I would finally receive it.  On one occasion my dad entered me into a newspaper competition.  The first prize was a trip to a grand final game.  For some reason, I grew so convinced that I would win the trip that every day for a period of a month in the run up to the draw I did nothing else but talk about the details of my upcoming trip.  I even slept with the flag of my team, planning what I would do and whose autographs I would ask for at the game.  And like magic, one day a telegram arrived, advising that I have won the trip.  I wasn’t feeling overjoyed, I felt that’s mine.  I had believed it would come, and it did.

Later in life, I always had faith and confidence about achieving what I wanted.  But I must admit I never had the same feeling of belief as I did about winning that competition.  I know how that feeling feels.  I can clearly remember it.  But one cannot fake it.  One can repeat the thoughts in their mind, but just as you say them, there’d be fleeting thoughts detracting from the power of that repetition, saying, “You won’t”, “You can’t”, “Come on, who are you fooling?”

This brings me to my recent realisation that I have been a believer all my life.  I have since read a lot about the power of belief.  And I am still reading.  And it all greatly impressed on me the wish to write this blog.  I am writing because I want to share this with anyone who may feel either the same as I do or quite opposite to what I have come to experience.

I didn’t know it at the time, but throughout my life, I have been willing myself to do what I wished to happen to me through the power of my mind.  I believed I would and eventually I did.  There are many things I’d love to will myself to do.  And I know I will.  For example, I never had a fear of public speaking or facing people in formal situations.  I simply believed I am good at that.  And I was.  Dealing with authority or stressful situations came easy to me.  I believed I could do it.  I would convince myself I can do it.  And I always did.  I want to have the means to spread this thinking and see what others think.  I want to help others understand that maybe in them lies what I found in me.  I want to apply this to other areas of my life.  While I am writing this, I am believing another thing is real.  And that is that you believe too.

I would like to hear your opinions, stories, confirmations, opposition and even disbelief.  Whatever comes to your mind while reading this, please share it.  Feel free to do so.  I will post regularly and enthusiastically.  Thank you for reading and believing.


  1. I really like this blog. I think you’re spot on in your theory of belief as a physical force behind the change you want to see in yourself and environment. Your enthusiasm shows in the way you write about it, and I appreciate the way you approach the subject. If there were more people who believed they could change the world this would who knows what could happen!

    • Thank you so much for reading and believing! Sharing your beliefs is a power like no other in this world. The world is what we make of it, and the making part starts with us. Please continue to be true to yourself and believe in yourself and others.

  2. May your power of belief scatter its fairy dust far and wide.. I can think of so many people who could do with a good dose of your blog.. good on you! (and thanks for dropping by my blog) I look forward to reading more of your thought-provoking, inspirational posts!

    • I thank you and please spread the word, be the dose others may need, be the thought-provoking inspirational yourself in all that you’re doing.

  3. I would be interested to see the books you are reading/have read. It is amazing how belief can change as we age – just having read ‘disappearance of the Universe’ and re-read ‘Conversations with God’ – one realises how little we know, and that possibilites are endless! It is so important to open your mind and at least be open to these..

    • Thank you for a wonderful suggestion! I will be adding a Books page shortly. Beliefs shift with age and even more so with every new experience we go through. I agree an open mind is door to inner and external exploration. What better way to open our minds than sharing with and learning from those who have gone before down the same path. Love and gratitude to you, A:)ex

  4. Belief, faith … powerful stuff~!

    I remember from the ‘flower power’ days reading of people out of their skulls on LSD genuinely believing that they could fly, joyously stepping off of high places … surprisingly the fall didn’t kill them. It was the sudden decelerations when they intermeshed with the ground that rearranged their beliefs. As you said, one cannot fake it …

    • I totally agree. Thank you for shedding more light from your experience. The more I believe the more I’m detached from the outcome. Of course, the rub is not in wanting something, but being slave to the desire to have it in a certain way and by certain time. No faking belief. But we can acknowledge believing “as if” and keep our minds and eyes open for the signs along the way.

  5. I think it was Henry Ford who first said to the effect “If you think you can, or if you think you cannot—you’re right!”

    Belief is a powerful tool, when moderated by common sense …

  6. AP thank you for sharing your thoughts about belief! 🙂 One of the things that I learned about beliefs is from Tony Robbins. [And I paraphrase] He talks about regularly sifting through our beliefs to update them; to keep them fresh and applicable to our present state of mind. That was years ago and, though I’m unsure of the exact source, I believe it’s from “The Giant Within”.

    • Thank you Toni for sharing your thoughts on the power of belief 🙂 Belief is the first ingredient that comes after making up our minds about what we want to be, do or have AND going for it. Have a great beginning of May. A:)ex

      • You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. 🙂 Glad that you benefited from the info. Thanks…and you have a great beginning in May. I’m excited that Wintertime is finally over, although I love all four seasons. Toni

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  8. I love the philosophy behind your blog. Belief in oneself is such a powerful ingredient that so many of us lack. So many of us hide our light and our true talents from the world for this reason. I have been guilty of this over the years…it is during these times of wavering belief that I have been most unhappy. Look forward to following your blog, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • I am so grateful for your words. I’m a believer; please believe in yourself, believe in the acceptance of where you are as a means of moving ahead; be guilty of belief. I love your heartfelt words. Please shine in this world that needs you. Thank you for reading. Love to you!

  9. Link: http://www.mybelief.systems

    I’ve just launched my new social network called “My Belief”. The My Belief social network is intended to provide such people, wherever they may be and whatever they believe and hold dear, something that they may not have in their own neighborhood, town or country: companionship; mutual support and fellowship; free exchange with those who share (and those who do not share) their beliefs; an outlet for discussion and a vehicle for expression and understanding; the resources that a community of friends can provide; and a forum for sharing their beliefs, hopes, goals, ambitions, frustrations, and opportunities with other interested people, as similar or as different as they may be. The My Belief social networking site will offer consumers a new, full-featured, and entirely unique social network – one based on the personal beliefs – religious, scientific, philosophical, social, moral, political, economic, psychological, historical, etc. – that various individuals espouse, oppose, wonder about or have an interest in, or would like to represent to others or engage with others in discussion. The My Belief social network would act as a worldwide virtual clearinghouse for all manner of beliefs and belief systems, not only enabling people of the same or widely divergent beliefs to encounter and converse with one another, but also – through member polls, sampling of members’ opinions, and internal data collection – serving as an accurate, global gauge of which beliefs are most widely held, by what groups, and where. Given the inescapable fact that the quality and trajectory of our lives depend almost entirely on the nature and strength of the core beliefs that inform, shape, and determine our character, thoughts, and behavior, the My Belief social network has tremendous potential in the worldwide, Internet-based market. Not only do believers of all stripes and persuasions wish to express and share their beliefs, they also want to know what other people believe, and why – and this is where the My Belief network will be so valuable and informative. Beyond serving as a worldwide clearinghouse and discussion-room for the enormous variety and number of beliefs that motivate the individuals who collectively constitute the human race, the My Belief network would also serve to promote the sort of tolerance and understanding that might well make the world a more respectful, peaceful planet.

  10. AP thank you for finding my blog as well and for following. You write beautifully and I love the BELIEF. I’m someone who grew up knowing about religion (sent to church) but had the ‘mixed messages’ from family and sadly learned to not trust in priest (sexual assault), but I never let that deter me from also having a belief (maybe not in God) but that “I” had the impact to change my life (which I did). And like so many others, I did not have a ‘great’ upbringing and I held onto hatred of my parents (as an adult I learned to let that go), again because I learned to believe in myself and who I would become, how I was to survive and what I wanted to give to my own children. I prefer to call myself spiritual, I love the feeling of what Mother Nature/the Universe gives me. TMI(?) here, but I appreciated your finding my blog and sharing yourself with me. My blog is more of a journal for my writing (I write what and how I feel – may not always be good) but I hope to continue to make it about how I want to live: A Simple Romantic Life. I would LOVE to come to Australia someday, I have also found other great bloggers here and feel an inspired pull…

    • Daer Laura, thank you so much for sharing your amazing story. Love is above everything and it is ultimately based on belief in oneself and other people. It is Simple (although us humans like to complicate it). I really like the theme of your blog, A Simple Romantic Life. Day-to-day can sometimes be blurred by “life”, but our natural state is that of clarity. It is like the truth, we may lose track of it once in a while but without fail it finds us eventually. Laura, I am your reader and I look forward to your realisations. 🙂


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