Resolution or Solution?

Have you thought about New Year’s resolutions and why most of us tend to find excuses to either dilute or abandon them by the end of January? New Year is a convenient time to make some changes in life even if you don’t believe in making resolutions at year end. Actully, as long as we decide to do something and commit to it, it doesn’t really matter what month of the year it is. Statistically, we mostly want to lose weight or get fit, get out of debt or make more money, quit smoking or drinking, improve our relationships and spend more time with the loved ones. But are these solutions to what really makes us feel successful in life?

If all these are very common-sensical goals, how come “life” gets in the way and we find reasons to justify being busy and overwhelmed with everything else except working towards achieving them?

Our habits and beliefs are keeping us where we’ve been most of our lives. We keep doing what we’ve always done, and we keep getting what we’ve always got! We eventually move ahead, but at what cost? Our self-esteem and confidence usually fare not so well when we find reasons to compromise our dreams and desires. We tend to settle for less out of fear of failing again. We’d rather be comfortable than stretch ourselves.

But look at your successes so far. Every time you did something you’re proud of, like finished a degree, followed a diet, bought a house, developed a fulfilling and lasting relationship you actually stretched yourself, you committed, you changed your habits and beliefs, and you grew. How many of us have said after completing an exam, “Never again!” How about saying, “More!” More to work that feels like your life purpose. More to meeting people who uplift and energise you. More to living your life according to your own design. Sounds like a dream?

Don’t criticise yourself for having delayed action so far, refuse thinking about feedback from others as negative, and embrace fully what you can do right at this very moment. Make a start now and look forward.  Everything that happens to us is feedback. People we associate with, how much money we’re making, our health, and what we think about ourselves.

Wouldn’t you want to know every day what you are working towards and that every step you take is leading you there? Wouldn’t you want to confidently say no to things you don’t want, and say yes to what you really prefer? Take stock of where you are at and celebrate your victories every day.

When you decide what you want you immediately get inspired to start working on it. The longer you stay the course, the more empowered you become to make the most of your life. What you want wants you! Your life is your success! Become crystal clear on what you want and how to get where you’d rather be.  Get charged for the holidays and the year ahead, get inspired to recognise your true potential by writing down your wishes and goals. Be bold! Whether you call it a resolution or a solution, it is yours to enjoy becoming the person who can achieve it.


  1. Reblogged this on Sherry Clayton Works and commented:
    It’s not too early to think about your goals for 2013. I’m already taking the steps to ready myself for the challenges ahead. Putting in some practice time so that when the new year turns, my goals will be habits and I will be on my way to new accomplishments. Here’s a marvelous post about not waiting and taking the chance.

    • Thank you Sherry for reading and more importantly for taking charge and responsibility into your own hands. I’m looking forward to hearing about your victories in 2013 and beyond. A:)ex

  2. Great words to live by! i believe growth comes from challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone. something i try to do on a regular basis regardless of New Year, which makes it that much harder for me to narrow it down for 2013!

    • I feel the same. A good way to set goals is to choose a few and not to go too far into the future with them. Perhaps one or two per quarter. And then check in weekly how you’re progressing taking deliberate action towards achieving it. As they say you don’t have to get it perfect, you got to get it going. 2013 is a nice number for me so I have huge positive expectations about it. I look forward to hearing about your successes!

  3. “We’d rather be comfortable than stretch ourselves.” That sentence really hit it home. I’ve been trying to work on my poor habits (bad eating, disregard for my little siblings) and it seems a big problem I have is that every time I make a resolution to change, it’s at the end of the day. By morning, I wake up with a fresh mind that has completely forgotten about the “new beginning.” I’ve been trying to write down my small daily achievements in a little notebook, hoping to encourage myself to do more. The only thing that’s really come out of it is I’m blogging a little more often, so I guess that’s kind of a success.

    • It’s a great start writing down your achievements on a daily basis. And when I say on a daily basis I really mean that. Every day we have achievements. No matter how small or insignificant in relation to our biggest goal they may be, every day we are successful, we do successful things and we have successful thoughts and ideas. We build ourselves up every time we acknowledge them.

      The “new beginning” is every breath you take. Just own it and celebrate your choices. There are no wrong ones.

      I often refer to my own realisation of what happens sometimes when we are lying in bed at night with our eyes closed. We may decide that from tomorrow we start on a new path, or begin a project. We may plan everything to the smallest detail. And it invariably seems so feasible. But too often in the morning sunlight it would all dissipate and seems too hard for me. Now when I have those ideas, I stop saying “what was I thinking?”, “I’m silly”, and similar self-punishing observations in the morning. They don’t help. I take action on whatever seems right and adjust as I go.
      We are never ready, but we can always start.

      Celebrate your victories every day of the week. Share them with your friends and families. They are stepping stones to developing your habits of success.

    • I appreciate your comment very much and you’re very welcome! It’s a game changer if we look at life through that light. And of course it’s one of many aspects of a balanced journey on the way to discovering who we’re meant to be. Joy to you!


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